Intro loop that deactivates once played

Hey Y’All,

I’ve just started gigging with my beatbuddy and feeling my way with it all. One thing I would find really handy is to have a simple intro pattern play to set the pace of the song, that I can noodle over. Let it play as long as I want then when ready kick into the song.

I realise I could do this with multiple sections but I like using two sections in a song just verse and chorus type thing and switching between the two - I’m not wanting to have five or six + sections etc for each song. Want to keep it simple. As some nights I’ll add an extra solo, or add a chorus etc.

Possibly even have it as the “extra” section that can be activated by a triple press or some other foot tap function. Would be cool to be able to go back to it for a quite verse, or broken down Chorus before big ending etc…

Just thought it would be a cool feature and wanted to share.


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Also - has someone already mentioned a seperate output for a click? That would be great for foldbacks / in ears.

Another way to do this would be to have the intro loop by default and proceed to the main song section with a foot switch hold then play a transition. To keep it compatible with old versions, or people who want a fixed length intro you could add a setting to the foot switch settings menu like this:

No Intro
Loop Intro

Intro would work as is does currently - fixed number of measures then into song
Loop intro would keep playing the intro until the foot switch was held, then play a transition (if present) and move in to the main song.