Intro stick count

I know you can set the beat buddy to play a stick count intro instead of the standard intros. This appears to be a global setting only from the podal. I donot see a filter in manager for this type of intro. Is there a way to attach a stick count intro to only certain songs?

When the midi is transcribed from its source file to BB format, it can be added using a DAW.

So where do I find that midi source?

If you’re transcribing a song from a midi file that was sequenced, you can usually find one from sources on the Internet e.g.,

If you want to add a count-in to a song that somebody’s already transcribed for the BB, you can right-click (hold or control click if using a Mac) on the song section and choose to Export to Midi and edit that file in your DAW. Best to use one of the newer versions of BBM for exporting to midi file.