Intro Synch Issue on Loops with Bass? Examples provided. Advice needed.

I have noticed an issue that is driving me nuts and I was wondering if others might be able to confirm or help me with the issue.

I have only noticed it on a couple of songs when I loop in boomerang. For example on the song Drive from incubus w/ Bass.

It is a simple 4 chord loop for most of the song. On my boomerang I loop the first 4 chords on the “intro". It synchs perfectly. It also holds the synch perfectly when the intro changes automatically from the “intro" to the “main part” in mybeatbuddy (MBB). So far so good there….

Here is where the issue lies. In the main part there is a small chord change (C to A) so I briefly turn off the loop on the boomerang and play that part live. Next, no matter what I do, when I go to turn the loop back on boomerang the loop will not synch.

What is really confusing is on another take/test, if I wait until the intro is done and then lay down my 4 chord loop on the “main part” in MBB ( not the “intro” ). The synch holds and I can turn that 4 chord loop on/off without any synch issues.

This is driving me nuts. Happens also when I try to loop the 4 chord progression down during the intro for

So it appears to have something to do with looping on the intro vs. looping on the main part in MBB.

Can someone verify it is also happening to them on their boomerang or other.

Or if not is there a setting I am missing I can change to make the intro stay in synch when I loop over an intro?


Anyone? Any ideas at least? I reworked the couple of songs where I loop over the intro to remove the intro by moving that intro part into the main loop as a work around but I am still curious why a loop will not stay in synch when recorded in the Intro position, then stopped (only on looper) and started again during the main loop?

Answered my own question. In the settings area there is a start midi command. I had it set to start midi on “main”. I changed to start “intro” and now my intro looping stays in synch when it switches to main.