Introducing the Singular Sound Garage Customs BeatBuddy Mini Heavy Relic Edition

Not all musicians can get out and play punishing stage shows and grueling tours. But fear not! You can still look the part.

With an aluminum body that sports a heavily relic’d finish, adding this pedal to your board will instantly make you look like you’ve been gigging for decades!

The Singular Sound Garage Custom Staff meticulously hand-finish each pedal to give it the look of a vintage pedal that’s been played “lovingly” for decades. We go out of our way to simulate the natural wear and tear which occurs from years of heavy use with nicks, scratches, dirt, and corrosion.

Each Garage Custom Limited Edition Pedal is only available for a short time, with under 100 units made, making them eminently collectible and adding to their investment value.

Get yours now at the link below: