Intros & Count-ins

Based on a search in this forum, these questions have not been addressed in quite some time but I do apologize if a repeat.

  1. Can I change the sound of the Count-in from the robotic click sound to something more realistic like drum sticks or hi-hat?

  2. I generally disable intros but need to have intros enabled for the DOP songs. Is there a way to handle this other than having to enable/disable intros on the pedal itself?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Yes. Just edit the appropriate counts to use different instruments. Also, the BB doesn’t do robotic clicks, it does (almost exclusively) closed hi-hats.
  2. Yes. Enable intros for all on the pedal, and simply don’t include an intro in your songs that don’t need them.

…unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking…


Thank you Sir. Appreciate the response and guidance.

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