iOS App 1.4.1 and Custom Mode Creation

@BrennanSingularSound I tested out the iOS App and created a custom mode last night, and all is good. Thank you! I liked the MM before with the default BB and Aeros modes, but being able to create a custom mode is something I’ve waited for and it really opens this product up. A couple of things I noticed:

  1. The hold and drag feature (to change the order/location of commands on the MM) doesn’t work in the iOS App. I believe SS knows about this.

  2. The Channel input, when creating a new command, is hard to see because the text is black instead of white like the other inputs (Command, Value). That should be fixed.

Thanks for getting a functioning iOS app out to folks. I know it took longer than expected, but it’s really nice to finally have.

Hi there, glad to hear you’re making use of the unit!

  1. We are aware of this, it is not likely to we will implement this until 2.0.0, we understand this is not great but the amount of time spent just to get this feature would likely be better spent elsewhere. Dev tells us this feature will take significantly less time to implement once 2.0.0 is ready.

  2. Thank you for the comment, we can look at that.

Keep Rockin :slight_smile: