iOS app for MIDI Maestro

I am trying to modify the custom mode based on the beat buddy template. When I push start the bottom left button shows accent hit. I never use this feature and want to put a drum fill command in that position instead. I have created a fill command (cc112).

I cannot remove the redirect to page 3 so the fill plays but page 3 shows up.

I purchased the MM a while ago and it has sat in it’s box due to what I see as limitations in the app.

To say I am dissapointed is an understatement. I am still using the foot switch as it offers better control. I do not think I should have to use the main pedal for something as basic as a fill.

Am I alone facing theses limitless limitations.

Hi, sorry you are having issues, what type of phone are you using here, iOS or Android?

Do you see that the redirect can be changed on the app or does the app not allow you to edit the redirect message?

Thank you for your patience and for reporting

I am using both an iPad and an iPhone, both have the same issue. I can’t change the redirect from none. IOS 15.1 on both devices.

I responded here, I believe this is the same issue