iOS App Progress?

New developer, I see…
I think it’s time for you guys to be transparent about this. Just making excuse after excuse and pretending there’s something being done while in reality there’s nothing happening won’t work out in the long run. What state is the app in? Alpha? Beta? What’s the reason the dev hasn’t been able to come up with one single fix since release day in September?

There’s a 2 year warranty on your products, right? I’m pretty sure this should be covered by it. After all it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

We are being transparent about it. There’s a reason we have a new app developer. More updates to come in this regard.

No that is not covered under the warranty. And applying the warranty would be replacement units when needed, not refunds.

What was that about in March? Where are the promised regular updates about the development progress? What exactly have you guys been exploring?
You were looking for a new developer months ago and I gave several recommendations to @BrennanSingularSound. Never heard back from him - no response at all. Not only has the app been broken for ages but communication with the customer base has been dishonest about the real situation. Now supposedly the developer of the aeros looper pedal is in charge of the iOS app. Has he ever programmed an iOS app before? I won’t be holding my breath. You really make it very hard to trust in anything you say.

This is definitely not an easy situation to be in, and I understand your suspicions 100%. We are frustrated just like you are, it makes no sense to have an app that doesn’t work. That doesn’t serve us on any level. We are fully aware that having an app that does not work can only harm us, which it has (i.e. tons of customers pissed off at us, you are not the only one). We don’t like angering our customers, or anyone for that matter.

We cannot change mistakes of the past, we can only do our best moving forward, even if we are late with that correction of direction. Wouldn’t you agree?

Yes, he has programmed iOS apps before.

There’s nothing more we can really say that will make you trust us or feel better about the extended delayed process. This is really the most transparent and most honest response I can give you.