iOS App Progress?

While everyone is still waiting for a functioning iOS app it would be very much appreciated to get some sort of progress report every once in a while. Just to let people know that there’s really something happening and developers are busy working on the app. I’m not going to buy an android device to make the MM work. It’s end of March 2021. @BrennanSingularSound


Hey there,

Great idea! We’re going to work on a single web address or forum post which will be updated regularly showing where our development priorities are and what progress we’re making. Still exploring the best way to convey information as we feel it’d be nicer to have something more visual than text based. Even video developer updates are on the table. Our developers are continually working around the clock on the MIDI Maestro mobile app experience.

Thanks for your feedback!

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You’re welcome! Looking forward to hear about latest developments! Maybe it would be a good idea to have a browser based editor as well. It should also be possible to send configurations via DIN MIDI.

In retrospect that may have been a better choice, but we are here and will deliver on the apps as promised.

We currently do not have the time and resources to start a new project, but once the apps are done and if we find need to do so, we may do it, but unlikely given apps will probably end the need.

Thank you for your feedback, and I’m looking forward to it too!

However, a web app will be easier to maintain… since JS devs are easier to find, there is no app approval process, etc. Not to mention a web app is less likely to become “out of date” like an app store can (speaking from experience).


Midi could be a challenge in the browser environment. Chrome provides a means to send midi messages to connected devices, but I don’t know if there are any other browsers that support midi, and I don’t know how long Chrome will continue to support midi.

The Web Midi API has been supported on Chrome since 2015, not sure why they would drop it. It is now also supported on Edge (since it is Chromium based).

Moreover, there is a plugin that can add it to any of the lagging browsers (and Node). There are a lot of products that use web-based midi including some of the large ones (Novation, etc).

As a former developer advocate for cross platform mobile development using JavaScript, it’s hard for me to watch the current feature disparity between iOS and Android. I am just lucky that even though I am an iOS user, I have a few Android phones lying around because I used to make apps for both.

All this is a little pointless though, as hindsight is 20/20 (I hate that saying after last year, ugh). SingularSound use BTLE to communicate with the MIdi Maestro, and an app is the perfect candidate for that.

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I agree. I use an open source JS app on Chrome to configure my Nektar Pacer.

I’m glad to hear midi has been picked up in Edge. Maybe more browsers will get on board. I didn’t know about a midi plugin for other browsers, but I’d just as soon open Chrome a few times a year to configure the Pacer.

I am a web developer and use node and JS for browsers regularly. Given the existing open source JS midi code, it should be possible to move the app to the browser, especially if the app-to-device communication is already via midi. I’d be surprised if the app is sending midi to the device, though; so, it might take more work than expected. Either way, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting.

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Maybe the web app could become an open source project for users with programming skills. For Apple users however it doesn’t seem to be worthwhile since there’s no web Midi support AFAIK. So no way around dedicated apps for Mac OS and iOS. As mentioned before, communication could also be done via DIN MIDI (to USB) cables in addition to Bluetooth.

Macs support midi via browser. I am a Mac user (and web/software developer.) I use Chrome on my iMac to program my Nektar Pacer via midi.

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I stand corrected then, that’s great to know. Would be awesome if we could have a web Midi editor. But how about iOS? Is web MIDI a possibility there?

I don’t know about midi via browser on iOS or other devices. I haven’t tested the Nektar Pacer browser app on iOS. I’ll try to remember to attempt using Chrome on iOS the next time I’m configuring the Pacer.

Just thought I’d ask if by any chance you figured out how and when to let customers know about latest developments. Would be appreciated. I think the best way to communicate about it would be a dedicated thread (maybe even this one?) on the forums. As long as the app is unfinished new customers should be warned that the MM is Android only, no iOS or Mac OS support to speak of yet. Otherwise many more people will be angry and most probably will return their pedals. @BrennanSingularSound @DavidPackouz @iajrz

@BrennanSingularSound @DavidPackouz @iajrz

Where are you with the iOS app. Really losing patience, the MM is only a little better than a paper weight at this point for iOS users.


OK… it’s been 22 days since that post about having “a single web address or forum post which will be updated regularly showing where our development priorities are and what progress we’re making”, yet that has not been done.

Seeing as I’ve now bought all 3 pieces of your hardware, I believe I - and all of us that are buyers - deserve the transparency to know what is going on with this issue. I’ve invested over $1000 into your products and I am starting to get very concerned that nothing is being done - except holding on tightly through promises that are going to end up keeping me around so I lose my opportunity for a refund for a unit that was not complete as advertised.

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Hey there, we hope to have more info for you guys soon, and the ideas you mentioned are some of the possibilities that the Marketing team is open with.

Thanks for asking, check in soon

We apologize, we are still working on apps and have not stopped working on them. Hope to have more news soon.

Hey there,

we have not finalized a plan for how to do this best, soon we hope to have a good way of opening up the development process.

We apologize for any inconvenience but I assure you we are working towards finishing everything as we promised for our products.

Both the Aeros and BeatBuddy have updates looming that are major improvements to current usage, and MIDI Maestro is definitely not where it needs to be yet, but it is our purpose to change that.

If you would like to return your unit(s) you can always reach out to, thank you!