iOS app that receives MIDI Program Change messages

Hello Community.

I like to “fiddle” at home and flow at work.

So… I use OnSong.

In OnSong, I can assign MIDI commands that are sent upon choosing a song, Including Program Changes.

Thus for BeatBuddy, Each Beat is triggers wirelessly via a Yamaha MD-BT01 going into the MIDI break-out cable going into the BeatBuddy. OnSong sends CC MSB / CC LSB / PC just for Beat Buddy. Perfect.

Now. I just had installed the PNOscan III MIDI controller on my Acoustic Baldwin Model R medium Grand Piano at work. I want to shadow-trigger organs sounds, string sounds, trumpet sounds etc, when I play the acoustic piano at work.

I love SampleTank’s Sounds, but as far as I can figure it out, there is no way to remotely (From OnSong) change SampleTanks sounds.

Does any one know of a good Sound Module (with lots of great sounds) that receives standard MIDI Program Changes?

The Program Changes will be coming from OnSong, and the Notes themselves will becoming from PNOscanIII.

Thank you so much.

As far as I can tell, SampleTank has a decent midi implementation. I stumbled on this thread via google search: IK Multimedia • Sampletank Live Mode MIDI Trigger - Blueboard and others?

I don’t use SampleTank and I can’t find a manual to download so I can see the midi implementation.

When you ask about a sound module, do you mean hardware or software?

I decided to go with

QRS PianoScan III for MIDI note generation form Baldwin piano.
iPad6 running SampleTank2 for iOS for Sound Module (so software, not hardware), and,
AirStep from X Sonic for Triggering.

I’ll get back to you when I have worked with it for a few weeks.

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