iOS MIDI Maestro app update to 1.4.1

The update appeared today in the Apple App Store. There was no change log to identify the improvements or fixes and without that, going the “discovery learning” route is not worth my effort. The App Store does show screen shots of the app but the manual has not been updated yet.

Tried updating the pedal firmware and default mode but the pedal continues to display 1.1.6 so guess I’ll continue to use it as the most expensive doorstop in the house. :unamused:


Actually today I’ve programmed my MM to do a few basic actions in Quantiloop so MM is not useless anymore.


Hey there!

This just went live over the weekend while we weren’t around to tell you all! We realize we actually don’t have a method for reporting these updates just yet, we’ll likely do the same as Aeros and post MM app progress thread by thread, we’re working on a changelog to add to the manual but basically all features are working as expected minus the click and hold to drag and drop feature that is seen on Android 1.3.9.

Please note: We do not plan on implementing this missing feature as we just wanted to get iOS users going.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks Brennan! I haven’t updated yet, but is this the iOS app that (for now) includes most of the features that the Android app can do (minus the one you mentioned)?

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