iPad downloads?

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Your post does not seem to make sense. How about elaborating on your post, please.

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I don’t have a computer. All I have is a iPad Air 2 from 2014. I know, step into the 21st century!! I moved recently and I put my bb sad card where I thought it was safe but unfortunately it didn’t work out as such. I have lost the original bb card!!! So I have the bb,the foot switch,and the midi breakout cable. Over 400 usd I paid a couple of years ago and now I can’t even use the hardware… I read somewhere on this website that I could get a replacement default card for free. Will someone please help me out here? I greatly appreciate any solutions that may solve my problem here… thanks in advance!!


Please contact support@singularsound.com and see if they will help. I would think that if you lost the card, you should at least offer to pay for the card and shipping.