Iphone to change 'songs' via midi bluetooth?

Hi all, I’ve had a BB pretty much since it came out and have been using it for live gigs for years. However, one limitation has been that outdoors, if sunny, the display is totally washed out/not visible. I do a fair amount of street-performing and I need to see the display in order to scroll through/select songs without bending down each time to be able to read the display. I have around 100 songs on the BB at the moment and need to be able to select/skip based on what I decide to perform at any given moment.

I want to use an iPhone to send song changes to the BB. I can ‘mount’ the iPhone to the side of the guitar. I just want an app that will list the songs so that when I select one, the BB will change to that song. I know OnSong can do this but I don’t need/want anything else that program does. SO…is there an App for the iPhone that will do what I need?


Try SetListMaker / BandHelper. They work pretty well, but it will be some work to do in advance. The look is completely configurable to your own needs.

Thanks! I’ll give Setlist a try! :slight_smile:

I tried Setlist but, after a couple of days of fooling with it, requested a refund from the App store. I never could get it to “talk” to the beat buddy despite hours of reviewing instructions/watching uTube videos. Additionally, I was annoyed that I had to pay an upgrade charge to add midi capability. However, that’s much better than Onsong, who requires a monthly subscription to allow midi! :frowning: TBH, I know it will work with Onsong but paying a monthly fee to have that capability is, IMO, a total ripoff.

In any case, I simply need a program that will allow me to have a list of song titles on the iPhone screen whereby selecting any one of them will then select the song on the BB. I don’t need lyrics/chords or any other capability.

As I said in my first post, I ONLY need the capability because the BB display washes out outdoors if there is any sun at all. That’s the only reason I have any use for the midi capability. My TC Helicon harmonizer display is sufficiently visible under the same circumstances…

Interesting. I have on song and do not pay a monthly rate. It does exactly what you want. Automatically selects songs once programmed in

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Have you tried using a piece of dark colored cellophane to cover the display? Another option is to make a small 3-sided hood to place at the back of the display that shields it from direct sunlight. Another option is to find an old pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses (non-prescription) and test to see if one of the lenses will help to reduce the washed out display; you’ll probably have to rotate the lense on top of the display to get the best effect from the polarization. If this helps, remove the lense from the frame of the sunglasses and figure out how to bind or fasten it to the pedal.

Sorry if this sounds like a hack job but it’s certainly cheap enough that you don’t have to add more gear and software to your rig. If any of these work, let us know which one and how you got it to best work for 'ya!

Actually polarized sheet stock is pretty easy to come by and not too expensive

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I tried again with Onsong, thinking maybe I missed something. I downloaded it (again) this morning from the App store but, as before, when I select the midi icon, I am informed that the Midi capability is an upgrade with a monthly fee so I deleted it/ immediately requested a refund. Maybe the original Onsong had midi and the latest version requires the monthly fee… :frowning:

Maybe this will help;

Thanks, that’s one of the MANY videos I watched! :wink:

Further futzing around has firmly revealed that what I need is a remote display for the BB, that can be up at eye level when outside in the sun, NOT a link that can simply change to the next song. I use the display of the BB constantly while performing to see where I am, if needed. Some songs I bring the drums in during the song and need to ensure my tempo is correct. Also, since I do a lot of changes within the songs, I like to be able to see what number I’m on. I routinely change what I’m doing on-the-fly so if I need to see what the BB is doing. It’s no problem indoors but impossible outdoors.

So,. what I’d like more than anything is a way to display the BB display on my iPhone. Is there a way to do that?

Could you do something like control the BB with a midi controller (eg maestro) and then bring the BB closer to eye level?

Also I’ve half jokingly suggested using a camera before. I’ve not tried it and it would depend on how stable you could make it

Hmmm - the camera thing might work though now I’d have to have the phone (as camera) and iPad as display. My goal is always to use the minimum equipment so I don’t like that aspect of it but I already have the gear necessary. I’ll see if the iPhone can get as decent video from the BB out in the sun - it might have the same problem my eyes do - display is totally washed out but maybe it can compensate.

I tried making a small box, open at both ends about 2" tall that attached to the BB and enclosed the display to shade it from the sun. There was a very slight improvement but not enough to make it workable. :frowning:

The „camera thing“ seems quite strange to me…

What about using BB on a stand at eye level? As a pianist I always have BB on my music stand next to the sheet music. So I can check the rhythm pattern in the corner of my eye. It is easy to control via a simple Boss FS6 dual footswitch. And in direct sunlight a sunshade made of ducktape is a sufficient solution.