iRig Blueboard for Sale

Hello all!

Just letting you know I am selling my iRig Blueboard, in case anybody is looking for a MIDI controller.
I am selling it because I bought a different controller, and I won’t be needing this one anymore. Works perfect and comes with batteries!

Here you can download some pics:

If somebody is interested please send me a message.

Thanks all!

What foot pedal did you go too?

Positive Grid BT-4.

I have the BT2, using it for my OnSong, wanted to make it work with the Quantiloop but no luck

I am using the BT-4 with Quantiloop actually, it only supports latching mode so all the “Hold” functions don’t work, but I don’t really mind because the only functions I pretty much use are: record, play, stop, stop immediate and clear. I don’t overdub or use the other things as FX, so this one works great for my application :smiley:

How did you get it to connect with the Quantiloop? I can not get my BT2 to connect at all, I’m stumped. Would like mute and start/stop

What I did was put the pedal in MIDI mode with the BT Editor app, then set each of the pedals to match the CCs on the Quantiloop, then save them. After that I opened the Quantiloop app and entered directly to the MIDI command assignment and pressed the top “learn” button, then pressed and release the first pedal and it would instantly recognize it. This will change the configuration of the MIDI assignment to “Latching” and the “Hold Function” will disappear. Repeat the process for the rest of the pedals and put whatever option you want for each of them.

One thing that I noticed is that the Quantiloop does not actually identify the BT-4 in the MIDI bluetooth control selection, as it does with the Blueboard, but it still receives the CCs from the pedal, so you don’t have to actually go in and connect it when you start the app up.

I hope that helps!

Will give that a shot, Thank you

Got it working, excellent, do have the vaules set for 1 push on and off

Great! I’m glad it worked.
I don’t have the iPad with my right now but I believe my values are set 0 for off and 127 for on.

Just to note. The BT-4 pedal doesn’t show up as it doesn’t use standard Apple BTLE (which is why the PG app needs to be running).
@Larry DirtBag Happy you got it working with the BT-2 as well

@Quantiloop thanks for the explanation. It’s good to know the specific reason!
The PG app is the BT Editor app, right?

Hopefully Singular Sound will unveil it’s MIDI controller soon :frowning:

@mcanoreagan Yes indeed. I’m also really hoping that the SS MIDI controller will be the controller for Quantiloop :slight_smile:

I had to set both my vaules set at 127 to get the buttons to have one tap. If not it was two taps with 127 and 0