IRig Stomp I/O

Anyone use the beatbuddy to control the amplitube 4 for iOS looper function? Having trouble making it work right now. Any tips/tutorials would be very greatly appreciated!

Hey there, what seems to be the issue? How is the BeatBuddy connected?

Let me know any info you can thanks!

Beatbuddy midi out to irig stomp midi in. Ideally would like to have the beatbuddy tap tempo control the looper as well as start/stop the looper. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

You can control the BB tap tempo in one of three ways:

  1. Tap the “Tap” button on the BB
  2. Press and Hold the BB Main Pedal while stopped (as long as Main Pedal is set to react on release and not press), then you will be able to tap the tempo on the Main Pedal.
  3. Set one of the foot switch buttons on a dual foot switch to either act like the Main Pedal or to send tap tempo.

Is this helpful? Let me know!