Irish punk Flogging Molly ,The Pogues ect............

I’m looking for something to do with all the Irish tunes I have .I’ve tried the country shuffle it kind of works but just doesn’t do it for me. My previous drum machine had a pretty decent beat but i can’t seem to find one that works …Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks!!!

So you say you have Irish tunes?
You will need to have separate sound samples (for different instruments) to build a Drum Kit that is useable with the BeatBuddy. These should be (generally) short stereo 44.1kHz WAV files (up to 15 secs).
Refer to tutorial videos for a step-by-step guide on how to build your Drum Kits! :slight_smile:

I think he means he is looking for beats to go with those tunes @JaseOwen could you post some examples as not everyone will be familiar with what you are looking for - however most likely you will need to produce your own. You could possibly record the beats from your drum machine once you have them as Midi could can import them into the Beatbuddy manager and create a song using them. Just bare in mind you will need to create midi loops for the various parts with a max midi event limit of 500.