Irregular bars

What’s the best way to add one irregular bar into a song? I’ve got a 4/4 song with one bar in the middle of 2/4. A regular song beat means that the bars that, follow begin with beat 3. Glad for any help :slight_smile:

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At the moment you cannot mix bar with different time signatures in the same part.

It’s a dirty solution but you can converse all the bars in your part in 2/4 aka two bars in 2/4 instead of each bar in 4/4.

Thanks! What about using a 2/4 fill in a 4/4 part. Would that work?

Tried it, couldn’t get it to play properly.

No, the beat buddy will “fix” a 2/4 bar into a 4/4 measure by playing 2 beats of the existing bar, then fits the 2/4 into the last 2 beats.

Yes but it’s still playing a 4/4 measure.

I believe that’s what aashideacon meant. You can stick a 2/4 measure in there, but BB will “fix” it by forcing it to be a 4/4 measure. The only way to do a 2/4 drum/transition fill in a 4/4 part is to convert the entire part into 2/4, make your 4/4 main drum loop by grouping two 2/4 measures into one 4/4 measure, then for the 2/4 drum/transition fill, only use a single 2/4 measure.

A single 3/4 fill/transition would be much trickier. The only “easy” way I can think of doing it is to group four 1/4 measures into 4/4 measures for the main drum loop, then group three 1/4 measures to make the 3/4 drum/transition fill. Very odd, but it should work in theory.

There is another trick you can use. Each part (Intro, Parts 1-N, Outro) can have a different time signature. If you lay it out carefully, and use the pedal carefully, you can create a short as a single main drum loop in a part all by itself.

Part 1 - 4/4
Part 2 - 2/4 or 3/4 fill in the main drum loop all by itself
Part 3 - Back to 4/4