Is an android tablet compatible with Beat Buddy?

Is an android tablet compatible with Beat Buddy with set list maker app?

yes - I use Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" which is an android OS. Works great

Did you have to buy the Send and receive MIDI data extra app from set list maker?

yes i believe the full app is $12 and the Midi is an extra $4.

Thanks jstrausss you have been a big help.

Could you explain how this works? I have the same tablet and would love to manage stuff from that if it could work.

The hardware is the BB Midi breakout cable, USB-MIDI Cable , and a female USB to Micro USB adapter to plug from the BB to the Tablet. the software part is setlist maker app which is where you set up your song Lyrics and chords and with in that app you can set up the midi portion. This is something you should just download and take a look at. Vary hard to explain everything that it dos but if you need any help or questions you may have I’m very happy to try and help out.

Could you copy the links to this cables in amazon? Mostly MIDI-USB cables that I’m seeyng are only for IOS or Windows.


I also have the TAB A tablet but I thought it was not possible to use external devices with that tablet, unless mine is older, as it doesnt support OTG cables/connections? Or is what you are discussing different?