Is cubase compatible

Can you use cubase to import drum and bass. Had a friend try using a karaoke track deleted everything except the drum and bass but couldnt get it to import the bass line

You have to move the bass lines to the correct octave for the intended BB kit. Then, merge the bass track and drums track into one track. Export/save that as a midi file. Then you can bring it into a BB song in BBM with the correct drum kit activated for the song.

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As Phil said above. I use Cubase and generally I have to transpose the bass up 2 octaves to get it to sit in the right midi notes for the kit I’m using in BBM. It may vary for you depending on what BB kit you are using and what position the notes are in for that kit.

Hey Phil is there a guideline

Thanks for that. Ive got a mate who uses cubase so Im training him on how to import/export midi files to BBM. Once he gets the hang of it Im going to ask him to show me how to use cubase for myself and be able to create my own tracks, I hope. Happy days!

Hi Peter,

I use Logic. I made a tutorial that explains the process. You should be able to adapt it to Cubase.

I’ll find the link and send it to you.


Converting a MIDI file to a BB one press song.pdf (52.2 KB)

I’ve revised this from an earlier document I made for Logic Pro. I’ve tried to make it more generic to apply to any DAW.

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Thanks for that

Just wondering what version you use Im pretty much a beginner with DAW and never used cubase. But all I want is to be able to import midi drum and bass files change keys and export to BB. Maybe create my own beats in the future. Any advice?

I use Cubase LE AI Elements 8. Version 11 or so is out now so it’s a few years old but it does exactly what I need in both recording music and composing MIDI for the BB. Basically I choose a drum and bass vst (instrument sound) in Cubase to compose with. But the drumset I use for the BB I have modified greatly from the original, so I edited the MIDI numbers the drum sounds were on to match up to the MIDI numbers for the drumkit in Cubase. ie snare on 38, kick on 36 etc. Some can be different so get them to match up. It’s confusing at first but play with it and keep asking questions.

I’ve also removed drum sounds I just won’t use and have edited the wave files to pan drums left and bass right. This allows me to run them into individual channels on the mixer when we perform. Then you can EQ bass differently to drums as they are on different channels. If you don’t pan them you’ll have bass and drums just coming through on one channel together.