Is it possible to control BeatBuddy with a triple button footswitch?

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Has anyone tried to control BeatBuddy with the “Electro Harmonix Triple Foot Controller” or any other triple button footswitch?
Does the third foot switch button work?

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Three button switches are wired in such a way (using diodes) so that the 3rd button emulates pressing the other 2 buttons simultaneously. Beatbuddy does not recognise simultaneous button press as a different command. So a three button switch will not work. You may want to look into a midi controller for more switch options


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I’ll pull this from BB manual:

It is highly recommended that you use the official Singular Sound Footswitch+ (sold separately), since we designed our Footswitch+ to withstand the heavy use of a BeatBuddy performance. If you are not using a Footswitch+, make sure that the third party footswitch is compatible with the BeatBuddy, and that the BeatBuddy is configured to the type of footswitch you are using. The BeatBuddy is compatible with standard momentary or latching dual footswitches which have a single TRS (Stereo) ¼” output (one switch is connected to the Left channel and the other to the Right). It is NOT compatible with ABY switches.

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I used BB with Digitech fs3x triple switch pedal. It works fine. The first switch is stop, the second is accent and the third is stop and accent combined.


Great to know that works, although it’s not officially supported. Thank you.
Perhaps a future hardware/software revision might include triple footswitch support… I hope so.
Of course possibilities go beyond with MIDI io, and I hope they keep going further, sometimes we just need those 2 or 3 extra buttons in a simplistic solution.

You right I had this footswitch and works like you say!
The Boss FS6 (and I guess FS7) works perfect too with the BB

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