Is it possible to create a song list and have the next song load after the previous plays?

Is it possible to create a song list and have the next song load after the previous plays? I would like to create song lists for my performances. I want the Beatbuddy to load and be ready for me to start the next song after the previous song plays. I don’t want to have to bend down to select the next song each time. Is there a way to do this?

To avoid bending down, you can use a remote foot switch and program the switches to advance forward or backwards to next or previous songs. It can also do the same for song folders as well as to pause, play and go to outro. Other options include use of OnSong, Setlist Maker or Band Helper. MIDI controllers can do the same and more.

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Are you referring to the BeatBuddy Official Footswitch. I have one of those however, how do you configure it? How would OnSong, Setlist Maker or Band Helper manipulate the songs on the BeatBuddy? What MIDI controllers are you referring to? I appreciate your responding, but the response is vague.

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I am referring to any remote foot switch that has momentary switches. BeatBuddy is one of several mentioned here on the forum. So as to not take all of your fun away from the discovery and learning process, you can use the words in bold font in my post above as search strings and find answers to your questions; most of the questions you might have have already been answered here in the forum. Here’s a search string you can try remote foot switch settings :crazy_face:

If you still have issues after doing a little bit of research, then come back to the forum with your questions.


Exactly. I have the very same question. I have no issue finding the right drummer, or knowing the speed, but is there a simple ascii file one can create so that my drummer, once at the end of the song, will go to the next “patch” and be ready to play?

Answers like this and the lack of VENDOR, vice “community” support dims my enthusiasm to buy another, newer, supposedly imoroved buddy.

When you switch to another machine, come back and let us know how the community support for that machine works out for you. Goodbye until then.

Some folk use OnSong or similar to change via midi. And the latest BB firmware, apologies I don’t have it to hand but it’s 4.1 or some such, has the wonderful feature to create set lists on and via the pedal itself. One still has to scroll these but it’s a great feature. KR Carl.

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