Is it possible to create an 8 beat intro count in in BBM for a song?

I have just begun editing some songs in BB Manager and would like to have an 8 count intro for a 4/4 time song.
I have used the 4/4 metronome intro but would like to have an 8 count intro but haven’t found a simple easy way to do that.
Any suggestions?


The intro only plays once and will play whatever you put in there as long as it is under 500 midi notes, just make sure the midi notes are supported.

I made a 1-2-1234 intro already. It’s in the Resources-Midi files section. I could easily fill in the missing beats if you wanted a count on all 8 beats.

UPDATE: I added an 8 count intro to the Resources-MIDI files section. Download it, then go into BBManager and swap in the 8 count intro midi file into the intro section of any song. Enjoy.

Thanks so much Psalm40 and Rob,
Lots of good information there that I will be able to study Psalm40.
Rob the 8 count that you made worked great for the song I was working on but I have another question, I tried the 8 count intro with another song that has a different feel and for that song the count should be half speed for the required BPM of the song…any suggestions?

Thank you

The BBM are set by the BB not the midi file. Is the other song in 2/4?.

The other count in is actually for a second version of the same song using a different beat for a different feel and the second version actually uses 105 BPM which is half the BPM of the first version so I wanted to slow the count in by half also.
The song is an old Carter Family song called “Keep on the Sunny Side”.
I think it is in 4/4 time but I’m not sure.


I can easily make one with half the beats. I will post it later today.

Just uploaded as a 2 Measure, 4 Count intro. Let me know if it needs any adjustments. Although I can specify BPM in Beat Builder, AFAIK, the BB will use whatever BPM is associated with the song or dialed in by the user.

Thanks very much Rob, that should work great.
Have a great day.