Is it possible to do support of External 7-10 buttons of footswitch for Stereo Jack ?

Is it possible to do support of External 7-10 buttons of footswitch for Stereo Jack, as it was done by TC Helicon for updating ( a choice is 3 buttons, or 6 buttons ), and that will be useful to those, who fell in love this comfort before for the sections of Intro, Main A, Main B, Fill AB, Fill BA, Blank, Ending - at Yamaha, or as at Roland FC - 7 ( Start/Stop - Intro - Advanced - Fills To Variations - Fills To Original - Variation - Ending ), but for the nest of Stereo Jack BB footswitch ?

Every switch need 2 connections (positive and negative pole), so, with stereo plug, you can only support 2 footswitch.

I use one Digitech FS3X (with 3 footswitch).
Footswitch A is for HIT
Footswitch B is for PAUSE
Footswitch C is for PAUSE with HIT

TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 initially also offered a switch with standard circuit technology for three buttons - digitech FS3X, johnsson J3, then own. But later in this nest the new offered 6 buttons ( realized on 10 kOhm resistors consistently ) or choice for the second pedal of Expression. I was surprised, but with the update version of firmware it a long ago became accessible and it works perfectly, although it is other circuit technology - different for 3 & 6 buttons.

Not without redesigning the BB.

I am confused, in this post it says it is only designed for 2 button then Tore mentioned he uses this 3 button. So are you saying this footswitch works?

You have to mod the pedal to use three external switches.

But with a 3-switch you can also just controll two events, the third switch is for those two events together. If you are looking for more I would suggest to invest in a Midi Controller (I just auctioned a ten Switch Midi Controller from Ebay, under 40 € yesterday), since BB Team is working on Midi CC-commands to controll your BB. The last inofficial Beta FW works really good (you can order the Beta from BB Support) and gives you Fill, Transition to next Part and Outro and some more options at the moment …

That’s not too shabby. I added a jack in parallel with the main pedal so I could put the BB on a stand but remotely locate the main foot pedal.

Ideal aim - to make much button foot controller - in the size, of lightness and comfort. But, if it not maybe, that a good easy choice will be “keithmcmillen soft step midi controller” - for CC. If SYSEX, is needed that large and very easy MIDI foot controllers I do not know - I have large and heavy Yamaha MFC10 & Roland FC300. Where can I take the list of MIDI comands for BeatBuddy ?

Roland FC-300 = not full support = This CC: 0-95 , =this need BB SYSEX support for full functional.
Yamaha MFC10 = full support = This CC: 0-121. (BB NewFirmware1.77 : “CC-98-127” -This Value for Controllers or Controller Numbers ? - Please see image),
[SIZE=4]Keith McMillen S[/SIZE]oft Step = Full CC - Ok ! -This for CC , this not work for SYSEX. This need “MIDI Expander Hardware” -USB to Standart 5DIN MIDI Adaptor for work BeatBuddy MIDI Ports. Keith McMillen Soft Step very easy and hard ! 1.3 lbs. [ATTACH]2369[/ATTACH]