Is it possible to transfer Aeros loop file to PC DAW for editing

My set up: electric guitar, pedalboard, Amp: Boss Artist Mk2

After completing a multi track loop on the Aeros Loop Studio, is it possible to transfer the file to my PC DAW to further enhance the individual tracks within the loop using plugins?

Absolutely you can…Save your song to an SD card and pop it into your computer each track is already separated. Be aware that the Aeros is set to internal recording by default. You can move the song or tell the aeros where to save

Put tempo in daw before import. at least w/reaper and working also w/bb.

Yep. I do. Then add to drumsets on BB.

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Hi rotylee. Is it possible that you could elaborate in some detail please as to what the procedural steps are? I’d be grateful.

I use 6x by default and create many new pieces of music using BB (I use Maestro, too) and I can save what I create, albeit without how I use any additional parts as I improvise. However, (parts aside), I am a tad lost as to how I can integrate the BB patterns used into my DAW (Reaper) meaningfully; EG: properly synched and including any fills used. In other words, exactly as I performed it but all editable.

Add your loop to a drumset as an instrument using BBM.

I believe I saved the midi from the bb beat. Set the tempo in daw drug in the midi. I use a virtual drummer. It was over a year ago. I might have just recorded the beat with tempo set in. Then lined it up?. I’ve decided I should start a log book. As I can’t member chit. I just play to a beat. Not a full BB performance. And it was a single part on aeros .