Is it possible to trigger loops externally via midi

I’d like to trigger existing loops that are saved on the SD card in the Aeros via my RJM mastermind GT22. Are there midi commands to do this?

Surely, I’m not the only one w/ this question

Hey there, depends what you mean by trigger loops, you cannot start individual tracks on their own in a song part but you can start and stop a song part using MIDI (as detailed in the link shared above ^^^ )

If you are trying to open a song using a MIDI Song Select command that is different

You must be on version 4.1.5 for this to work:

  1. Set the Aeros song to have MIDI Song Select ON
  2. Set the MSB and PC numbers
  3. MSB is represented by the MIDI command CC:0, the value decides the MSB bank you select. So CC:0 value 100 is MSB 100. Each MSB has 128 (0-127) possible Program Change (PC) values.
  4. If your Aeros song is set to MSB 0 PC 0, you can send a CC:0 value 0 command followed by a PC 0 command. Only one song can have this Song Select ID set to it.

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