Is it possible to use other sounds as an intro?

im looking to add the loon call at the beginning of Wheat Kings(Tragically Hip) as the Intro fill…
Is that even possible?

Possibly but it takes having the wav file for the loon call and then it requires modifying a kit to incorporate the loon call. Might be a long haul for a short slide :slight_smile: and that kit will pretty much be a one-trick pony.

Ah. Makes sense
Thank you

Check out the Piano Man with Harmonica by Phil (not me, the other one), for an example of how you would need to do this. It’s quite do-able, but the sample of the loon call cannot be so big that it uses up too much of 100mb drum kit.

How would you even add it…I mean I could take a midi file and turn it into a wav in Ableton…but wouldn’t you need an entire kit that would be able to accept said sound? I discovered after working away hard, that latin percussion, even if it was mapped out on a midi map with the other drums, does not play on the standard or rock kits

Assuming we’re talking about the loon call, let me explain. This really would work with any wav that you want to have as an addition to a song.

  1. get the wav - create it or have one. Make sure it is in PCM, 44100 sample rate, 16 bits per sample. If not, convert it, using whatever means you might have available. I use a program called Switch from NCH software. If the wav is not in the above format, BB will not play it.

  2. Now that you have the wav, how large is it? How many MB? You’ll need to know when you want to add it to a kit.

  3. Open BBM. Go to Drum Sets. Find the set you want to add the sound to. Double click on the Drum Set name. The drums in the kit magically appear in the Drumset Maker window. At the top is a % gauge. This is how many of the available 100mb allowable for this kit are being used. If that number plus the number of mb of your wav are less than 100, you can add the wav without deleting anything from the kit.

  4. Before you start messing with a perfectly good kit, do the following. Back at the little % gauge, just to the left of it, is the name of the kit your are going to modify. Click on that. A drum set details window appears. Enter a new name for the kit, hopefully something that identifies it with your wave to be added. Don’t worry about adding the wav just yet. When you have you new name selected, from the toolbar r menu go to Drumsets>Save Drumset As. Save the Drumset with your new name, in a location you will remember. I usually save mine to the BB Workspace but not in any subfolder within BB Workspace.

  5. QUIT BB Manager. Restart BB Manager. (Again, this is to keep from screwing up a good kit.) From the Toolbar menu, go to File>Import Drumset, and navigate to and select you newly named set from the location at which you saved it.

  6. Go to your Drum Sets list in BBM. The kit will be at the bottom of the list. Click the check box next to it, if it is not already checked, and then double click the kit name. You are now ready to edit the kit.

  7. If you have enough mb to delete nothing, go to toolbar menu Drumsets>Add instruments. A black instrument will appear at the first open instrument in the kit, usually midi 0. If you want to leave your sample at midi 0, and there is no reason not to, just click on the instrument name 0-Instrument. The instrument detail window will appear. Enter the name of your wav. You want a sample like the loon call to play al the way through every time you hit it, so call it “Percussion.” Click OK and the sample is added to the kit.

  8. Then, make sure the kit name is still clicked in the Drum Set list. If not, click it. Then go to toolbar Drumsets>Save Drumset. Your drum set with the sample is now saved.

  9. If at 7, you need to delete samples to make room, look through the list of samples and carefully, and judiciously select samples to delete to make room for you sound. When there are multiple sample for one velocity, that is a good place to start. Remember when you are done that every instrument in the kit must have every velocity from 0 through 127 covered. As you are deleting, monitor the %bar to know when you’ve gone far enough. Then continue with 7 and 8 above.

Making a new kit follows a very similar process. The main difference being that you are working with a blank canvas and are building up to the 100mb limit.

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