Is the BeatBuddy DRM file format copyright-safe?

Hello Beat Buddy technical people,

Is the BeatBuddy DRM file format copyright-safe?

For example, let’s say I create a BB drum set using third-party samples that I purchased. The samples license agreement says I should not redistribute their samples.

The BB drum set DRM file was saved when I edited the kit using the samples I have located on my file system. I want to share the drum mapping, but I expect users to purchase their own samples.

Is it safe to share the DRM file without redistributing the samples? Or are the third-party samples copied into the DRM file. Those DRM files look rather large for for a simple map of MIDI notes to file names.

Thanks, Dan

DRM files are a collection of WAV files. As of currently, you are not able to extract WAV files from DRM files easily. So, a user whom you share your DRM file to won’t be able to get the copyrighted WAV files easily. To get them they will probably need to buy their own copy of the original files.

Anyways, I am in no way a copyright expert, so if it says “you are not allowed to distribute in any form”, then you’re probably better not buying them at all - because if you push that to extreme, playing the samples even for yourself but loud enough to have anyone hear them would probably be an infringement as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for the good points. I agree with you that most drum samples have words to that effect.

At the same time, I read that the Analogue Drums license grants you “creation of a recorded or live performance that includes the licensed samples as a part of a derivative musical work created by the end-user”, but you have restrictions to not “electronically transfer the Library” or “the Library samples may not be included, whether unmodified or as a part of a derivative work, in any sound Library or sample Library product.” I guess I should write Analogue Grooves and ask.

I wonder about the license between Goran Grooves and Beat Buddy. Everyone’s license is different.

Thanks, Dan

All the content from Goran Grooves is completely owned by us, and it is royalty free. You may use, distribute, and modify it as you wish. :wink:

Good news! I wrote to Analogue Drums, and they were very responsive and impressed with the Beat Buddy pedal. They supported the use of their drum samples in Beat Buddy drum kits so long as no sample files were included in any distribution. Expect an Analogue Drums drum kit and further news from me here shortly.

Thanks, Dan

That’s very cool and impressive! Huge props to Analogue Drums guys and to you, beckerdo, personally!

We’re looking forward to download your new awesome drum sets! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work.

Re: Good news! I wrote to Analogue Drums

Those Analog Drums files sounds Great!! :smiley: