is the midi clock stopped when BB is stopped?


Hi folks, the title says it all. I’m curious to know if the midi clock stops, or can be stopped, when the BB is stopped.
there are times in my set when I would like to use the Boomerang, but I will not be using the BB. but, if I have the BB waiting until the next song, the BB is still sending out the midi time clock, and this can goof up what I’m doing with the Rang. This is particularly problematic because I can’t see the blinking light to give me the tempo, so, even if the tempo is the same, I cant synch to it when I can’t see the light.

Please don’t confuse this. I’m not complaining about the light, or not being able to see it. I just want to know if it’s possible to turn off the time clock when the BB is stopped.



No, not a chance, unfortunately. You’ll have to unplug a MIDI cable for that. This very thing annoys the hell out of me as well, and this is most likely be improved as soon as possible.


Thanks Daefecator, I’ll try that ASAP. I thought about trying that last night during my set, but i was afraid there might be some strange behavior. Will there be any glitches, or is the drop of midi clock, and then recapture of midi clock pretty seamless?


As when you start BB song it sends MIDI Start and resets MIDI quarter notes sending, you are absolutely safe to plug/unplug the MIDI cable. If you do it while the song plays, there may be issues, though the chance is extremely low - most of the time, my Rang is able to capture tempo on the fly perfectly.