Is the Pigtronix Infinity still the best midi sync capable looper?

Hi all -

This is my first post here. I’m very glad to have purchased a BB recently. I’ve been using the original TRIO to jam with up until now. I wanted the BB so I could work more on cover songs, and it definitely excels in that regard.

I’ve downloaded a lot of beats from the forum and big thanks to those who’ve posted them! Adding the “drums with bass” kit has enhanced my BB experience greatly as I missed the bass after having used the TRIO for so long.

Question: I need a looper with midi sync. My BOSS RC-2 is getting very long in the tooth and of course, no sync. All roads seem to lead to Infinity, or am I wrong?

Thanks for everyone in advance, and rock on!

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Welcome to the forum; you have hardware and software options for loopers that work with your BeatBuddy (BB):
[]Infinity and the Boomerang are a couple of the better hardware pedals
]Quantiloop is a highly regarded software looper by forum members and I’d consider it a hybrid as it requires an iPad and other peripherals (great if you already have an iPad but another expense to consider if you don’t)
[*]Make sure you have the BeatBuddy MIDI Sync cable as well as a MIDI cable to connect the looper to the MIDI Sync cable

Thank you Persist. Is the Ditto X4 a consideration? In a perfect world I’d just grab an Infinity but they are pricey and $300 plus for a looper just to sync with my BB is not an option right now. It’s currently not a big deal as the BB by itself is awesome, and I can use my old BOSS to record the BB and my guitar to solo over. This really is a drummer in a pedal - there are dozens and dozens of full songs to chose from. I should have gotten one sooner. I tend to eventually lose focus and just want to “noodle” when I pick up the guitar but the BB keeps me on point. I should have had this years ago, I’m sure my chops would be much better than they are today. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can search the forum for “Ditto” and see what others have to say. From what I read, it does not MIDI-sync well with the BB. Some users got it to work but it required more effort and add-ons.

Good advice persist. I’ve been reading some of the past posts about this subject. Lots of info here. I’m happy right now just working my way through the dozens of full songs that I’ve downloaded into the BB, plus enjoying just jamming with it. The looper is certainly going to come but for now it’s going to have to wait. I’m having too much fun as it is. :D:D:D

Don’t bother with the Ditto. I bought a ditto 4x and returned it the next day. The problem with MIDI is that there’s no real standard on how it’s implemented; even singular sound struggled through a few firmware revisions when the beat buddy first came out. Although, I’d say they’ve pretty much got it perfect now.

A MIDI clock sends out a pulse 24 times per beat. However, it’s just a pulse; it doesn’t say that a particular pulse is the start of a bar. So when you sync the Ditto and tap to start a loop, it will just sync with whatever pulse you were close to. This is made worse by the fact the ditto drifts out of time.

Good loopers like the boomerang, Pigronix infinity and Quantiloop use a little magic in the code to snap your loop to the next measure. They also compensate for a little drift in the pulse signal and automatically timestretch your loop to fit. The difference is huge and well worth the extra cash.

Great info ruairiau. Sweetwater is running a sale for the next few days on a lot of Pigtronix pedals but they’re still pricey. I’ll look into the Quantiloop - thank you…