Is the SD Card "Paired" With The BeatBuddy?

This should be an easy one. I am, so far, happy with the BB and, if it ends up in my onstage rig, I will likely get a second one. Learned a long time ago to always have a backup; missed gigs = money never recovered. The question is: Are SD cards, loaded with identical content, interchangeable between Beatbuddy units? Or are they “paired” in such a way that a BB’s SD card must stay with its “host” BB? I need to be sure that I can sync everything together so that my backup unit is ready to go with the same load as the main unit, and the BB Manager. Also, I have spent over $70 already on drum kits, beats, etc here on the BB website, and sure don’t want to spend that kind of money twice. Not to mention what a pain it would be to have to duplicate every change I make manually!

This also matters just for the sake of being able to do updates easily. If truly interchangeable, I would be able to leave my main BB on my stage board, and just swap SD cards when I make changes.

Any help is appreciated. I’d hate to find out the hard way, after buying a second unit, that the SD cards are not swappable! Measure twice, cut once.

You can use the same card between two pedals; the card is not mated to the pedal.

But to be safest, I would have a backup of the SD card too as the card can get damaged, corrupted, lost, etc.

Awesome, thanks for the quick reply, persist. Yep, would keep both SD cards plus a pre-loaded spare.