Is there a BB "primary template" for MIDI?

What I mean is, for example, a “song” that would be loadable into the BB, with slots filled for every drumm, and also bass note.

Then, writing new MIDI files, or importing pre-existing ones, in the BB Manager, could be just a proces of copying in this template, and shuffling everything around until it was in the correct place.

I realize I might just use an existing song that’s pre-loaded on the BB, but I would like to make sure it has every drum slot filled, and also the bass notes available.

Does something like this exist, and if so, where can I get it? Thanks for the help. Still struggling with MIDI composition after all these years. :^/

Every kit is different, so you’d need multiples. You can get a representation of each drum kit in the BBM, FWIW.
But can I ask why you need this? I’m sure it’s genius, but I don’t quite get it.

I probably don’t quite understand what you’re asking but could the display from the BBM midi editor serve as the template? For example, here’s screen shots of the Standard Pro Bass drum set:

My reason for asking is that pretty much every piece of software that allows MIDI editing has different slots for their drums - Addictive Drums, EZ Drummer, Battery, etc.

I have lots of MIDI drum files, and they all will “slot in” differently, depending on which piece of software they were programmed for.

If BB uses general MIDI mapping, then it would be easy to host a universal template for BB’s drums, and when importing a MIDI file programmed from another piece of software, the tracks could then just be dragged to their appropriate slots.

I was thinking about the free Java MIDI editor that’s available here, but I suppose the same thing could be made for any DAW. And yes, I suppose I could just do this myself and save it as a default template to open every time. But it might make life easier if there was an available file for everyone to download, to get to work faster, the learning curve on MIDI editing being what it it (high!).

Also, yes, those screenshots do contain what I am thinking of, I suppose. I haven’t seen that before. Is that from BeatBuilder.jar?

The screen shots come from the BeatBuddy built-in Midi Editor.

So how can I view such a comprehensive listing of every MIDI slot on the BB Manager? All I have been able to do is open individual MIDI files, which only show the slots that pertain to the file in question.

Also, is that MIDI map then copy/pastable? So I could paste it into the editor of my choosing?

I am still not sure exactly what you want. You can view the instruments in a drum kit by double clicking on it in the drumkit list. If you need a GM compatible kit, I just posted this:
It a full GM kit and bass and organ, but you can ignore the bass and organ if you wish. All 128 midi slots are used, as shown in my documentation.

Thanks for that, I’m sure it will come in handy when I get to where I’m going. I like the organ samples too, I’m curious as to how wide the range is.

As to clarifying my goals, let me at least ask this - where did those screenshots from Persist come from above? I have not been able to see any comprehensive list displayed of every MIDI instrument, like what those screenshots show. How can I see that same list in my BB Manager?

Right click on a song part in BBM, not an accent, one of the midi parts. Select EDIT… while you are holding the mouse down. The built in BBM editor window should appear if you are using a recent version of BBM. That will give you the source of Persist’s screen shots.

Thanks Phil, I just downloaded your file, I hope its ok with you. I have just got my BeatBuddy and must admit that I am struggling to understand midi as a system and midicodes. I hope to learn so much that I can use midicommands in my SetlistMaker to change to the correct beats for each song.

Of course you can download the file. That’s why it’s there. Midi is kind like Bach, I believe, described playing the harpsichord. “You just press the right key at the right time and it makes the note you want.” Midi is like that. Send the right code at the right time, and it does what you want.

here’s what I ‘was’ using to align instruments in BB mgr editor …
Phil’s map is my new ‘go to’ as of Fri. :wink:

That’s an accurate General Midi (GM) map. If you are using my drum kits it hold up, because I try to follow the GM standard. Other drum kits follow it only partially, particularly at the upper end. The early with bass kits start bass notes in the midi 60 range, so I’ve tried to avoid that by going below the drum kit, at Midi 0 or 2 through 33.