Is there a Beat Buddy user nearby?

Hello I am new to BB and find myself struggling to get the basic BB manager operation skills down. In the past i have generously been given help here on the forum, but i am still having a hard time with the basics. Is there anyone in the Denver Colorado area that knows how to use the BB and would be willing to meetup with me and go through the basics with me?

Good luck I am in So. California. Would help if I could. Did you watch all the Singular tutorial videos and some other vids on youtube already and still dont get it? Someone recently posted a previous version of the user manual that had a very good walk thru (3 levels) process for new users.

Thanks for the link. I will have a look. I recently was taught how to do some basic import and export actions however when i tried the same actions again i could not get them to happen. Im not sure why either as they are pretty simple processes.

keep us informed on your progress. its not as complicated as it seems.

At the present moment the BB seems to be much more complicated than it should be. I am hoping this gets easier.

for now just keep it simple. no need to use the BB Manager software to edit anything. Just enjoy the basic beats on the pedal to help you practice. once you are tired of those then start getting in deeper. it only gets harder if you need it to be. the main purpose is the make practicing more enjoyable and make you want to play more not less.