Is There a Master List of Issues?

it might be helpful to post a master list of issues from software bugs to problems with songs like incorrect number of beats in fills, intros etc… That way users can see if an issue they encounter has been reported and, if not, they can report it in the proper section. It may also save people time if they see the problem they’re having is a known issue so they won’t waste hours trying to figure it out. There are way too many being discussed in various threads to keep track of it all. But don’t include things like suggested additions or changes to the hardware which are wants and not bugs or errors.

Please feel free to make one. I can help maintaining it.

I don’t have the time. And since I can’t load the software, it won’t help me. Just thought it would be a good idea if someone had the time and inclination.

Hi Daefecator, First, you’re a good mod, and so this isn’t against you at all, but, I gotta tell you that if you are speaking for Singular Sound/BB, that’s a copout answer.

If BB expects to improve their product based on user feedback, then I would hope that they are keeping, or will keep a record of all of the bugs and problems being found in the product.
It might be good to set up a bug tracker for this purpose.
It’s not anyone else’s responsibility to maintain a list, unless BB is not really intending to make any improvements to the software or firmware.

I hope and want to believe that they are planning on improvements, and I also believe that they are a small company, so a bug tracker is not nearly as important as getting out the product and making improvements.

but, maybe this would be a good thing for the company to start, even if it is only internally, even if it’s just scribbled on the wall of the cubical.


Hi everyone,

What was implied by what Daefecator wrote was that he will help maintain and contribute to a list of all the bugs that are reported to us via the forum. Because we do not have every operating system and we do not have every BeatBuddy unit to test for potential flaws, we depend on users’ reports of bugs and quality issues in order to expand our knowledge base of technical issues (rare and common alike). While we will do our best to locate and fix these bugs ourselves, it is not possible without feedback from the “general population”, as none of us use the the BeatBuddy nor the software in the exact same way or in the exact same environments.

Every single bug that is reported to us is carefully reviewed by the BeatBuddy team and recorded. If the issue seems to be a common and/or serious issue, we will do whatever we can to fix it, including (but not limited to) forwarding the report on to our engineering/programming/manufacturing teams.

We appreciate every single report of bugs that we receive, whether it be in the BeatBuddys themselves, or in the software. Keep 'em coming! :slight_smile:

Hi, RustyP! Glad to read your comments, but I am really sad it makes you feel so.

I acknowledge I am actually pretty bad at moderating stuff, to be honest. But I have good news for you. Looks like we will soon have the option to make specific threads sticky. When this is done I think the problems we are having now (good old topics flow away from visibility as new topics get created) will mostly fix itself. After that, I’ll definitely try to put some efforts into actually moderating stuff and not only clean up spam ads.

As far as me speaking for Singular Sound - I would really love to, but I don’t actually have sufficient authority to do so. More so, I have a full time paid job (that is, unfortunately, not anyhow affiliated with Singular Sound), and I have family and other interests. All this besides actually playing guitar with my BeatBuddy!

Treat me as an MVP. This forum is my hobby. So, if you have any problems with the BeatBuddy, I will definitely try to help you. I love my BeatBuddy so much that I am glad to help others to love BeatBuddy as much as I do. I’ve added a disclaimer to my signature (as DavidE suggested). So, if you have any valid concerns, I would prefer discussing them on forums or via a PM, but you can definitely opt to contact (complain) to actual support. If you feel you could be a better moderator - please apply as well! I am sure Singular Sound needs you.

By the way, I can’t agree with you here. Most likely you don’t have time, but user ‘tomd100’ provided a very nice workaround guide on how to load BeatBuddy manager software on Macs using WINE while we are waiting for an official Mac version.

I’d suggest you refer to his thread here - There are definitely limitations, but this is much better than nothing. If I was really so eager to use the software ASAP, I’d use every possibility to do so. Or ask for help if I couldn’t do something. Seems like the true problem lies somewhere else… But this will probably gets fixed after we’ll sticky threads that are most useful.

No, I don’t have time to waste trying to load The software on the Mac and then spend hours dealing with bugs, songs with incorrect beats and the myriad of problems that have been reported here. My time is better spent elsewhere and waiting for an actual working version of this software. Finding their mistakes is not my problem. And it is a problem. Frankly, I am having a difficult time understanding why there hasn’t been an update to the Beta (or Alpha if you believe some people) when the working version was promised a while ago. I wonder what they’ve been able to fix and what they can’t fix. Based on the above post, they’re obviously not willing to post their list of bugs and problems with the software. That makes me wonder if the list is so long that they’re afraid of scaring off potential buyers. Nevertheless, I’m not wasting my time with problematic software.

This is a BeatBuddy forum to share user experience, accumulate beats and drumsets, also discussing current limitations and trying to provide workarounds. If you have something to add or ask - go ahead. Otherwise, you’re absolutely correct.

Please, take care!

So I guess in answer to your question, No there there isn’t a master list , not on the forum anyway and if no one is willing to make one - there never will be.
This is a forum and like it or not we are Beta testers and part of that is reporting issues, some I’m sure they know about others they don’t. We are all in this together and I am very appreciative of all the comments and suggestions people have already made that allowed me to use the BeatBuddy without the software. Now I have the software, there are still issues and I am sure they will be fixed. Hopefully the Mac version will come out soon as I can imagine the frustration - to be honest I hope that that it is being worked on as a priority rather than fixing the other issues. Hopefully we can all agree that buggy software on both platforms is better than none. Personally I have waited and waited for the Beatbuddy long enough to let any of the issues hinder me from using the BB. If I had a Mac I would try borrowing a windows Machine, I guess if they only had a Mac version out, I would be stuck and would just have to contend with hacking the files.
Lastly, I don’t see the software getting much more user friendly and adding more features will just complicate things even further, some things don’t make sence but on the whole most things seem to work as designed; at least in the way I have used it so far.

I am sure the software will get better, and adding even more features will not make it clunky or cumbersome. Yes, as of currently, it has a number of issues (like a lack of keyboard shortcuts), and if only I had the source code I’d fix that probably in half an hour. But usually when fixing something even very easy things, you may break some other totally unexpected functionality. That’s why (I suppose) it takes so much time to fix seemingly easy issues.

What matters even the most - is the priority. We have a blocker issue (like no Mac version at all), a number of critical issues (like failing to install properly on Windows XP), and not so big list of small bugs with installer (wrong values in registry) and software availability (keyboard accelerators).

Unfortunately, not only I am not the one who sets this priority, I am not even the one who either knows the state of these bugs or is able to fix them myself! The only thing I can do - is to provide workarounds. Mostly, I do this for Singular Sounds software developers to help identify problems in their code faster and re-evaluate any solutions they used.

I did try to load the windows software on an XP loaded machine and it wouldn’t install. I don’t have time to waste on hacks. I’m not a Beta tester. I’m a paying customer waiting on long overdue software.

And I am a paying customer who loves to waste time on hacks. Hope we won’t have to fight from now on.

I believe Microsoft ended support on Microsoft XP earlier this year, therefore I would not have any expectation for Singular Sound to invest time on resolving any problems seen with that OS.

I understand the frustration with a MacOS version though and given many musicians are attracted to mac’s this should be a priority.

I couldn’t see on the BB / FAQ page any mention of requirements for the software, I may have missed it but if I didn’t Daefecator you should use your influence to get that done to avoid future concerns from customers.

My point is that even if I had a PC with Windows 8, I don’t have the time to waste dealing with bugs or learning cheats and hacks to do things that should be easy to do. The pedal itself is pretty simple and intuitive. The software should be the same. There have been enough problems reported here with the software that I have no interest in using it now. I expect they will fix it and put out a Mac version at some point. Then I’ll consider the product delivered. Well, except for the cd…

If only I could, I would make the port myself, I almost guessed BBS file structure.
Now if only I had a Mac… it costs like a truck

Maybe Singular Sound could provide you with one in exchange for all your efforts on their forum? :wink:

I guess with the current political situation in the world, it would cost them like 3 more trucks to deliver it to me… :slight_smile:

Anyways, please be sure, I will do everything I can to hasten the process of getting a workable Mac version for You. I totally feel your pain, guys.

BeatBuddy will be supporting Macs.