Is there a quicker way to change the data to the SD card?

Just transferring a new project over to the SD card…It takes a LONG time!! Is there quicker way, for EG insert the card into the PC directly and export to it there?

Also let’s say I edit a song by changing dB levels of parts. Do I ahve to save the entire project to the SD card or can I simply update the one song?


IMO, much faster to sync using the built-in computer’s slot reader. Involves fewer steps too. Also much faster when you get rid of all the fluff that you don’t use e.g., songs, folders & drumsets.

Since the BBM saves and exports by Project, I don’t think you have the ability to only do an incremental save (say just a song) to the pedal. That would be a very nice improvement, though.

Okay cool (1.)
(2.) Hmmm, okay. If I can ask then what does the Synchronise function actually do? I mean when I select it it does something, I thought it may have updated the project on the card with an amended song, hence the need for the clarification question above :slight_smile:

Let me back up slightly. It does save only the changes to a current project. By current, I mean the same project open in both your BBM and present on your SD card. If you are overwriting or replacing the project on your card with a different one, then it takes longer to write the card.

ahhh cool -thx much!