Is there a setting to change drum set at transition or fill?

As it stands now, I have to -hit “fill” four bars before changing drum sets (so that it sounds musically natural), or change drum set while holding bb in transition. I wonder if there’s a setting that I could either play a fill, or a transition, and have it come out into a different drum set? Perhaps even a PC or CC trigger to ready and wait the change?

I’m using BB, Aeros and MC8. I have a CC programmed to change drum sets. But it’s gotta be quick thinking and dancing.

It’s not instantaneous. There is load time. It has to clear the 1st kit and load the 2nd one. The real solution would be to use 2 BB pedals.

But it doesn’t need to be instantaneous, just a preemptive trigger. I can do it myself now, by hitting fill or transition, then hitting drum set change cc on controller during fill. Timing is everything, and it’s gets a little crazy.
It seems like an easy implementation to add in the BB’s midi out control setting, if not already possible.
Anyways, just wondering if it was possible already.

It would be a midi in setting, or really a program change. You could record the fill or transition into the Aeros, loop that, and then while that is playing, have the BB change drumkits, or load a new song (with a different drum kit.) OR maybe load a 2nd version of the same song, but with a different kit. If that makes sense. We’ve kicked this around for guys who wanted to do medleys.

I have it set as a midi in setting now, as a cc. What I’m looking for is to give more midi master control to the BB here. The solutions you write are honestly far more complicated than what I’m doing now, and I’m wondering if maybe we’re talking about two different things. I’m not looking to change beats (like rock 1 to rock 2) but rather drumkits or sets, like dance to ethereal.

On part one, I’m using dance kit and part two I’m using ethereal. I have to hold down bb for transition, and hit button on midi controller to change drum set , and time it so that when it comes out on “1” of second part, the drums also change.
Just seems like I should be able to save “dance” kit as part one, and “ethereal” as part two, and be done with that.
What I might do is instead of using main pedal to transition or fill, I could use a button on my midi controller to assign multiple CC’s. That way I press a button on midi controller, and it simultaneously sends cc for transition/fill and drum set change.

I don’t think it can do that. If you do find out that you can assign a kit per part, that would open up a whole bunch of possibilities that I have noted in the past, which heretofore have been unachievable.

Hey there, unfortunately, because of the way the BeatBuddy uses drum sets, it cannot quickly change from one drum set to another without dropping out of the audio. You can see this when you change drum sets mid-song.

A different option which is probably much more complicated is to build a drum set that has other drum set sounds built into it, and then map those extra sounds for your drum fill. This is probably not going to be the simplest task, but it is doable. You can likely find a lot of information on this in the forum by searching, or by pleading with our forum community :wink:

That being said you can definitely choose a drumset at any time by using CC 116 values 1-127 (the order of drumsets in BBM decides the number)