Is there a simple guide to setting up the Bass feature?

I am new to the beat buddy, and I am trying to find out how I enable the bass function with drums. Is there a simple guide that can tell me how to enable the bass feature. I have been through many articles but they assume you know how to set it up. Any pointers will be helpful.

Guitar Stu has a detailed tutorial w screen grabs …
I made this video, once I figured out how to make tunes in cakewalk.

good luck :wink:

Here’s a quick and dirty:

  • Make sure you’re using BBM ≥1.6.4 and firmware ≥1.8.5 versions (if you have a new pedal, it probably came with 1.9.2 installed and that’s fine)
  • If you have not done so yet, go to Resources/Drum kits; here’s a good link
  • If you need help with importing and making a drum set active, there’s a tutorial in the forum to help you
  • Download and import drum sets with bass into the BBM; I’d suggest trying SuperBassG and NP SuperBassG
  • Download and import a song or two from Resources that uses those kits; songs identified with OPB in the title are good choices
  • Try the song

cheers I will take a look thanks.

Thank you for the advice, I will try this out to.o At least some of the mist is clearing, thank you.

Thanks to everyone its working… much easier when you know how…