Is there a .wav file player that syncs up with Aeros?

Pretty happy with BB, but have seen a lot of great wav drum loops and wondering if there’s a way to use them with Aeros in a similar way that BB works with Aeros? (not just using the aux in to record them to a track). Ideally, similar size factor as BB so I could add to pedal board.


Hey there,

While not exactly an answer to your question, we have finally been able to get the Aeros backing tracks feature working with Quantized mode and Auto quantize mode in 5.2.x and it’s looking promising that it will work very well.

This would likely make your need for a wav player to have sync less needed as the Aeros will be able to load the Wav itself in songs that are not freeform with the sync tracks song setting off.

5.2.x is on the horizon and we hope to have a release soon, it is in closed testing currently.

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