Is there a way around the 2:30 limit on loops?

I’ve seen this mentioned before, but now I’m running up against it myself. The loops tap out at 2minutes, 30?? No way around it?

No way around it for now, we are looking into this presently, however, stay tuned.

As a work around I press the next part button just after 2 minutes to give me a sequential 2:00 minutes on the same track. I record in stereo so I assume I can do this for a total of 10 minutes. I have found it to be seamless but it does require that the next part switch be pressed during the playback as opposed just playing through as one recording.

Interesting, I’ll try that out. Do you have any timing complications on playback? Longer you have to hit the next pass button at particular measure?

Right after starting the sound I hit the Next Part button. It will play through the entire first loop, be sure you set EOL in the settings. As the second loop is playing you have to hit the stop button, any time, and as long as EOL is active it will stop at the end of the second loop.

Since you have to change parts anyway, I wonder if there is a point where you will decide to carve up your songs into sections and do the part changes necessary to get through verse, chorus, bridge, etc.? That buys you the ability to make some on the fly arrangements … repeat a chorus at the end a few times to keep people dancing, etc.

I have quite a bit of experience with this actually (I think I mentioned before that you are on the same trajectory I was on when I first got the Aeros).

I went through a period where I would splice up the song into sections and activate each section on demand with my EHX 45000. It worked well, unfortunately it required a bit too much one-off programming in a MIDI controller and a bit more brain power than I wanted to use at a gig to keep everything straight. I think the Aeros may do this better, but I’ve since moved on from doing that kind of gig. Ultimately, I went with what you wanted, which was just using the EHX as a big old backing track machine and lost the ability to do anything ad-hoc (but I just had to press 1 button to get going and one button to stop at the end). I don’t do either anymore, last gig was just over a year ago.

Anyway, just musing about it, I’ll be interested to see how you land. Here is a old clip of me doing the Chorus/Verse/Bridge sections as a bit of proof of concept. I know it seems so obvious now to do this with the Aeros, but back then it wasn’t so obvious to use a looper this way based on the products available. Every now and then in the video you’ll see me hit a button on the MIDI pedal that appears to do nothing to the sound … that’s me queuing up the command to go to another EHX preset at the end of the loop. Oh, I have an Infinity in there too to run short, independent guitar loops that would go through my guitar rig instead of directly out to the mixer.

And here is after I changed how I did things and used the EHX strictly as a straight run through with a backing track (but I’m still using the Infinity for short guitar loops going through my guitar rig):

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I usually do sections, when I write these original tunes. But in this particular case that I’m running up against the time limit, someone asked me to lay down lead guitar on their song. So the way I always did that with my old loopers was to just record their song the whole way through on a track/loop, and add my guitar parts on a second run through, giving me room to practice it. I wouldn’t do that for the final (cuz I couldn’t isolate) but it’s easiest for working out my part and sending him examples before recording my final track in daw.
I’m just a little disappointed that I can’t do this with Aeros, a rather expensive looper. But, remaining positive here…

I hear you. I finally accepted that this is not what the Aeros is and that one day if it can work as a Backing Track machine, fine, but I’m not waiting for it. There are other simpler and cheapers ways to get it done. The EHX 45000 is actually more DAW-like for people who want that. Plus, you can import WAVES, load presets hands free via MIDI and those presets load instantly (and I do mean instantly). It’s not without it’s issues though, the I/O is limited and I don’t know what they were thinking for monitoring a click. On the flip side, the EHX doesn’t hold a candle to the Aeros for pure looping.

No timing issues.

Thanks for the post!
My latest adventure is writing songs primarily with Band in a Box and then importing to Reaper. Once in Reaper I record the finished backing track into Aeros with 5 of the 6 tracks available for backing vocals, etc. Using the Aeros this way butts up against the 2.5 minute limitation. I really hope they can extend this.
When paying jazz with my group or just jamming the Beat Buddy is great but structured songs like Peg, we stick to the script. I agree, nothing beats all live and being able to improvise on the fly.

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Idea to allow for longer press free loops?

How about adding another looping option to the EOL by adding an EOL PNPE.
At End of (longest) Loop, Play Next Part or all parts, on that track, to End and then stop.
I suspect Singular has a coding issue with extending the 2:5 minute loop limit, which is why is has not been done?
Since adding a part while recording, say a 5 minute backing track, is seamless in the Aeros or clean this would give us a fix for the loop time limitation at least for now?

Make sense?