Is there a way to disable default BpM setting

Is there anyway to change Songs without using it`s default BpM setting? I just want to change Songs, but not change tempo…:confused:

What do you want to change as this post makes little sense o_O

You can enable/disable default tempo in the BB Main Pedal settings.

You can set the default BPM for each song via the software. Are you using it?

Yes, thats what Im doing, while playing my songs, but when I`m writing, e.g. recording a riff to my looper, I just want to try different BEATS (BB-songs…), but need to stay in time, since my loope speeds up or slows down, depending to the BpM sent by BB. My question is about how to change e.g. from Rock 3 to Rock 8, maybe metal 4… but always no tempo change…, to keep my looper in the right speed…
Hope this is clearer.

Do you have the latest firmware? (1.4.1)

Check out page 20 and you’ll see Main Pedal -> Default Tempo, and this does exactly what you want.

However, it took me some searching to figure out how to even get there! Press Drumset and Tempo at the same time, and it will take you into Settings mode.

Thank you, this is exactly what I was searching for…:cool:

I was also searching in the manual as in the pedal itself, but I think I lost sight of this:oops:
Sometimes it´s a little too time-consuming to keep me patient enough to be attentivelyo_O
And I only wanna play…
Thanx to all the helpfull buddys:cool: