Is there a way to eliminate the outtro?

i.e. Stop the song without generating the outro…



Delete the outro using the manager software. Another option is to enable the 3 taps on the pedal to stop the song - but that it not as elegant.
Currently there is no way to remove all outros by default.

I think in theory you could do a pause, then a cancel, but it’s early and my brain is still foggy :slight_smile:

You can only cancel from a pause if you have the pedal set to trigger on release. Ever since I got the BB I have wanted a way to stop the BB rather that just pause, because if all goes wrong and I pause it, I have to turn down the volume and then do an outro or cancel - but because I have my pedal set up to trigger on initial press I always get a drum fill - I continue to wait in anticipation.

Maybe a possibillity to press Pause twice in short time to stop at any moment? (firmware update)

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Psalm 40 I just came across a solution for you as I was practicing with my beatbuddy.
I have it set to start on trigger on initial press as well. I have the right button on the extra pedal setup as pause and due to issues with double tapping to stop and I don’t think I really ever used the accent button I have set up the left button as stop so instead of double tap to trigger outro now I just hit the left button on extra pedal.

If I pause a song now I just hit the left button to stop and the song is finished without playing any extra.


Great, 1st job tomorrow. Now it´s over 2:00 at night in Holland, time for a sleep.
Thanks everybody for everyting

Hi all
Maybe this was already said but all I do is pause with right button and then hold down the BB main pedal as if doing a transition and the song stops with no outro. My extra pedal is set to initiate on initial press as well. Works great if I want to just end song or skip outro

When we are talking about trigger on initial press we are talking about the main pedal not the extra pedal. If you have the main pedal set to start on intial press so you can start a song as soon as the pedal is pressed not on release, Then you can’t end the song after a pause by holding the main pedal down. It will start a fill.


I thought my pedal was set on initial press but I checked & it IS set to on release. So you are correct Stu and that is how I am able to do what I described above. It works for me. Thanks Stu!

Hi Stu,
Do you know what the release time on the main pedal does? I see its default is 100. If I use intitate after release upon pressing pedal will setting that # lower make it closer to triggering on initial press? Thanks!

The release time is something different and is explained in the BeatBuddy manual avaiable at

An extract is below:
Main Pedal > Release Time: Our goal is to make the BeatBuddy sound perfect. And in pursuit of perfection, no detail is too small. When the drummer hits the hi-hat and then closes it, the hi-hat mutes, or ‘chokes’, the sound of the open hi-hat as it closes. On a physical drum set, the resonance of the open hi-hat fades out as the hi-hat closes. But because the BeatBuddy is digital and was performing this instantly, the transition was too abrupt, creating
a ‘skipping’ sound. So we added a ‘release time’ algorithm which fades out the choked sound over a period of time. This creates a smoother and more realistic sound. We put in a release time of 100ms (1/10th of a second) because we think this sounds best. But if you want to experiment with the amount of Release Time used, you can adjust it with this setting.

Thanks alot Psalm40!!!

To be brutally honest, the fact that you cannot stop the beat without the outro playing (or without doing a Rube Goldberg technique to avoid it) has caused me to basically give up on the Beat Buddy as a live tool. I have too many songs where I need to stop the beat during the song, and then resume later. I can’t rely on hitting pause “just right” so that I can resume on beat one. So long as this device doesn’t let you stop, and then resume later on Beat One, it is an at-home toy and expensive metronome, for me at least.

Hi FiveG. Im not sure what you mean about getting the pause just right to resume on beat one. I assume the pause settings on your pedal are set to mute the sound. There are two ways to set the pause using the settings in the pedal. One option stops the beat and you can restart the beat on beat one with the pause button or restart with a fill using the main pedal. The other option mutes the sound while the beat keeps playing on the screen. Hope this helps


What I mean is that if I pause, it does stop the sound (and mute it). But if I then resume, it resumes at the point where I paused. And if that point is NOT exactly at the end of a measure, then when I start it up again, it will not playing the 1 of the measure, which is unuseable if I resume at the start of the measure.

What I don’t get is that Alessi figured all this out 20 years ago with the SR16. Why can’t the Beat Buddy do even that?

My Beatbuddy will start playing from the first beat of the measure no matter where in the measure I pause it from.
This is using the extra footpedal. I haven’t tried pausing using the main pedal.

Here is the revelent info in the beatbuddy manual to the settings.

Main Pedal > Mute Pause: When enabled, mutes the beat while paused. Normal pause (mute pause disabled) stops the beat and when unpaused starts the beat at the beginning of the measure. Mute Pause should be enabled when the BeatBuddy is being controlled by another MIDI device so that it doesn’t go out of sync with the other device when paused. If MIDI Enabled option is selected, then Mute Pause is automatically enabled when BeatBuddy is acting as Slave in MIDI Sync.
Main Pedal > Main Pedal Unpause > Tap: While paused and the main pedal is tapped (pressed quickly), you have the option to unpause the song from the beginning with the intro fill (Intro option) or to unpause with the next fill in the currently playing song part (Fill option).
Main Pedal > Main Pedal Unpause > Hold: While paused and the main pedal is held down, you have the option to stop the song (useful if you want to end the song immediately by pausing it and don’t want to have to restart the song to stop it), or initiate the transition into the next song part.

I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

Hi Stu,
I’m new to this Beat Buddy and Ditto x4 looper or any syncronization of 2 pedals for that matter. I saw a set-up on YouTube with a Beat Buddy connected to Infinity looper via MIDI cable. The guy have the Singular Midi Sync cable attached to the Beat Buddy (the one that’s Y-midi cable that has a male end and then 2 female in and out on the other end. Then, he has another midi cable that a straight cable with both male ends. He connected that to one of the female end of the Midi cable from the beat buddy that says “out”. Now, my question is that, why do you think he really need that Y-midi cable when he has that other cable with both male ends. Can’t he just use the straight both male end midi cable to connect from the beat buddy to the looper? Will it work without that Y-midi cable?

I’ve tried to e-mail Singular but sadly, they are not responding to my email.

Thank you for any input you can give me.


The BB pedal uses a PS2 connector and You would not be able to connect your BB pedal to a midi device with a male-to-male midi cable. That’s why you have to use Singular Sounds midi cable.