Is there a way to hear my beats/backing tracks while I'm programming them?

I mostly use my Beat Buddy for backing tracks as opposed to using it as a performance tool. I create my backing tracks in Logic X. I mostly program bass into my backing tracks, then I play with a real drummer live.

It’s tricky because Logic X has it’s own bass sampler so when I import the track into my Beat Buddy I have to use a different sounding bass sampler and sometimes it’s surprisingly different. I am wondering if there is a way to import the available Beat Buddy bass samplers into Logic X so I can hear exactly what I’m doing the whole process? Do you get what I mean here?


It’s tricky. First you need to know how to build an EXS-24 instrument. There are tutorials on that on the web. The what you do is locate the folder that contains your BB drumkit samples for that bass. On a Mac, you are going to use Find, and then enter the drumkit name, i.e. STAX 4 Part. Don’t be surprised if the folder is buried 20 folders deep someplace. Once you find that, select all the bass samples and copy them to an easy to locate location. Do not move them from the original location or you will mess up the BB drumkit. Just copy them and put them someplace your can find. Then, go about building the EXS-24 instrument by adding each sample into each note, which you will have learned how to do from the tutorial.

The alternative is to hook up your Beat Buddy as an external midi instrument in Logic Pro X. You would use the Beat Buddy midi cable, and you would need a midi interface that hooks up to your mac. Run the midi out from the Mac to the Midi in on the Beat Buddy cable. Set Logic Pro X and the Beat Buddy up to have compatible channels. Then run a stereo audio cable from the Beat Buddy Headphones out to your ins on the audio interface, just monitor the Beat Buddy from your amp/PA.

@Phil Flood Aha! Thank You! Yeah, one of these days I’ve gotta dedicate some time to learning how that EXS-24 instrument works. I’ve attempted in the past with no success whatsoever.

Hmmmm, perhaps I’ll try hooking up the Beat Buddy as an external midi instrument. That seems a bit more my style than figuring out the EXS-24 instrument right now.

Thanks again for the info! I really appreciate it :smiley:

When you’re ready to tackle the EXS 24, let me know. I think I posted a tutorial, but we lost it during the great November file purge. I probably still have it, or can at least direct you to the sources that I used to learn.

@Phil Flood Thanks! Will do! I could use all the help I can get with the EXS 24.