Is there a way to hear the tempo before recording the loop?

I’m new to the forum here, about a week ago I bought the Aeros Looper, and I’m still learning the possibilities of this amazing device.

In the past I had a simple and basic looper (Digitech Jamman Solo) and it was possible to set temo and hear the tempo before recording the loop. I currently have the Aeros and wanted to know if there is such a possibility? It can make it easy for me to pick the right tempo before I start recording. Especially after the recording, I can’t change the tempo. I’m not always sure about the right tempo, and doing a pre-recording check always helps.

I think it would be great if you could hear the demo of the Tempo Beat as I was creating a new song and choosing BPM for the song, before I recorded. I noticed that after recording, the tempo could not be changed.

If there is a solution for this right now, or it will be possible to update the firmware in the future, I really want to hear about it.

Thanks for the help

In the settings you can enable a count in, which might help, note though that it currently does not work on overdubs, just the initial recording.

Isn’t there a click track setting?

I meant something else …

There are situations where I want to create a new song, when I choose the tempo I don’t always know what tempo is best for the song. I’m not sure if 100, or 110 or 120 is the best BPM for recording. To hear the click I need to start recording …
I wanted to know if the click could be heard before I hit the record button.
In the example I wrote about the Jamman Solo XT looper, you can tap Tap Tempo or select the exact tempo of the track and in the background hear the tempo before the recording stage. I try a few chords and if it is appropriate I start recording, if not then I raise or lower the tempo and then record at the best pace.
With the Aeros, after I start recording it’s impossible to change the tempo, right now to make a tempo change you have to delete and then edit the song again and then try again and again until I choose the right tempo.
I’m pretty sure if there was a way to hear the click through at the song creation stage it would have been very helpful.

Hey there, this is not possible but have you considered using the tap tempo option when creating the song? This way it will always be where you feel it’s right.

I just use the metronome app on my phone to get the tempo right before recording.

You can turn on count in!

In the song settings, just click the edit pencil.