Is there a way to program a CC on a HOLD?

to be more clear … id like to program the “record” button on the maestro to UNDO if i hold it down… an that be done?

Can you explain more details of what you want?
You want to undo the track when you press the switch after the recording?

I’m trying to basically recreate the pedals from the loop studio on the midi maestro … so I want to hit record and then be able to hit it again to overdub which I think it’s doing but then I’d like to hold the button down to undo and I’m wondering if I can recreate that on the maestro?

The MIDI Maestro does not support hold commands, you must send all commands on the press and/or release

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that’s a Bummer… they should consider figuring that out.
I prefer to use the Looper as a desktop unit with the touch screen and have the Maestro on the floor to use while playing guitar and singing… to be able to recreate the same commands on the maestro would be a huge advantage.