Is there a way to trigger recording using a play transport command?

Id like to start recording as soon as the aeros received a midi start command. I think this can be done if theres no tracks but Id really like to do this by arming record and then when transport starts playback it automatically records … this way I can get long 32 bar loops exactly looping.

Help if super appreciated thank you

Hey there, you can use the Record New Track/ Song Part commands to start a recording at any time

Check out all supported MIDI commands for our products here

The biggest thing is we do not currently have a “playback” MIDI command so that recording cannot be ended via midi and currently requires a tap on the physical Aeros (one caveat is if you have no empty tracks left, then Record New Track will set up playback)

Thanks … So how do Inactivate recording a new loop with a transport command (“play” from my sequencer). Sorry, Im not sure where to look for this. Also, that link looks like its for the Beat Buddy midi spec?

Check the bottom left of page, there is a second sheet for Aeros commands

You can set how the Aeros reacts to MIDI Start commands in the Device settings menu, set the MIDI Start Setting to not start recording by deselecting the Record option. If only playback is selected, Aeros will enter a ‘scrolling’ mode in the empty song (if quantized song)

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Got it, thanks. Appreciate the help.

Happy to help!