Is there a way to turn off MIDI Sync without using another floor pedal?

I’ve just started incorporating Beatbuddy into my live gigs. I had been using it for recording. I have it synced with my Pigtronix infinity looper (a new upgrade from my Boss RC30) and it works very well, apart from the odd missed cue. For me I find the brushes kit works best generally for my solo acoustic gigs, sometimes the cajon or jazz kit. These work well on slow shuffles, swing beats especially and 3/4 or 6/8 times too. One thing I would really like to do is turn off the midi sync for certain situations temporarily and then switch it back on quickly. I have a midi switcher box on order, but it’s another “box” and I wondered if anyone else has any suggestions for doing this?

Glad to hear that you have your BeatBuddy and Infinity working together. :slight_smile:

You might want to check the MIDI document for the BB to see if there’s a CC# to turn MIDI sync off and on. If there is one, not sure the developers included it in the documentation. Maybe somebody’s figured it out or knows how to do so, it would be helpful.

Right now you can turn off the MIDI sync in the settings, although it’s probably easier to just unplug the MIDI cable and plug it back in. As of now there is no MIDI command to turn on and off the sync.

It would be incredibly useful to have the secondary footswitch able to activate/deactivate MIDI sync on the fly. I play a solo acoustic show and some songs I loop with Pigtronix Infinity looper don’t use drums, but it syncs anyway because it’s attached. So being able to loop to my own time/rhythm is essential at times, not using BeatBuddy’s MIDI clock.

[ATTACH=full]8640[/ATTACH] Same problem here. It sucks. I resorted to buying this odd little power strip box with a button on it, and have to turn the bb off for songs. Only problem is a slight pop over the PA…not really a pop but more of a crackle…maybe a snap…anyway seems like that’d be basic…