Is there a way to use Midi Song Select for more than 127 songs?

Hi - i use onsong to pull up songs on BB and Aeros. I’m getting close to running out of Midi song select numbers on my main songs folder on SD card on the Aeros.

  1. Can I just create a new folder on the SD Card and re-use midi numbers there for more songs?
  2. Can I do that on the internal memory?
  3. If yes (for either or both of those), is there a hands-free way to switch folders on the aeros?


Hey there, remember that on the Aeros there are 127 PC commands for each of every 127 MSB commands, you definitely have more than 127 choices! You have 127x127! Same thing for BB when set to Aeros Mode (Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI In > PC), even more when it is set to Default (127x127x127 possible songs to open)!

This is still technically true when using Aeros + BB just you may want to start sending commands independently to each one on separate channels to allow for more versatility, up to you, as you may not see it necessary.

Thanks for the question!

thanks for the amazingly quick response!
that’s good news!
so, in theory, all the songs i’m using midi song select for could all be in the same folder, I just have to figure out how to send the add’l command from onsong?
I don’t suppose you have a sample of how to set that up?


Well, the BB is stuck to 127 recallable songs per folder, but using song select you can change the folder easily

The Aeros is not limited to how many songs can be in a folder

Reach out to, they may be able to give you some tips