Is there a way to use use beatbuddy drumkit without the Beatbuddy pedal?

Hi, i’ve been wondering differents ways to use my beatbuddy, love the drum sound but i don’t want to always remove it from my bass/guitar pedalboard to use with my Octopad. Is there a way i could use the beatbuddy Drumkit sound without the BB pedal ? Thanks .

Sure. Use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).

I’ve wondered if anyone has bypassed buying a BeatBuddy altogether and used BBM on the computer for recording or even playing live. With a little ingenuity you could probably rig up a more functional MIDI footswitch situation.

What I’ve done is re-creating some BB drumkits in my DAW drum sampler so I could create drum beats without BB Pedal. I think I’m seen some posts here in the forum where people have recreated some drum kits in Kontakt sampler.