Is there already a John Bonham + BASS drumkit out there?

Hi everyone!
Is there already a John Bonham + BASS drumkit out there?
I bought the Bonham kit, but i´d love to have a Drum & Bass version.



That would be a great combo but the bass tones would have to be as close as possible to John Paul Jones.

Been thinking about this kit and wanted to know if anyone had any favorite bass from the existing user-made drums with bass kits. I kind of like the bass sound from the NP StdPBass 63-91 kit but realize it would probably fall short of matching John Paul Jones. :oops:

I’ll give a listen when I get a chance. NP StdPBass is pretty close. I do like the bass in that kit.

Hi Guys! Wow - that was fast. Yea I also really would like the John Paul Jones style :slight_smile: But any good, authentic Bass would do it for me. Thank you so far!

JPJ used several different rigs with Zep. Most common would be a J-Bass through an Acoustic 360. I don’t have access to an Alembic. The J-Bass would be doable. I don’t have any active pickup bass in the house.


  1. the Bonham kit is 93% of a full BB kit. There would need to be significant cutting or consolidating of samples.
  2. Do we really want to get into another, “show me you bought this and I’ll send you a link?”

Possible resolution:

Provide users with Bass samples and recommendations on what to cut, along with basic instructions on how to build the kit.


Both sollutions would be just cool for my side. The Implementation of a Bass wav file should be pretty simple right:

  • Create new instrument within the drumkit
  • Load wav of the right note
  • Any other settings within the instrument?