Is there any Linux users?

My pedal arrives tomorrow. I have installed the PC version through wine on mu ubuntu 16.04.

Has anyone been using *nix with their workflow?

I am linux user and I have just bought de BB pedal.

At moment, i am be able to use de BB manager with Wine, and I have use BB manager mid editor and “tuxguitar” as midi software editors.

I would like to export/import from/to hydrogen/bbManager… but I am not sure if i am going to be able to do that.

How do you intregate BB with your Linux apps?

Hi and welcome. The BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) does not support Linux however, as you mention, it does work through WINE.

I think that if Hydrogen drum files are exported or saved to MIDI, they can be brought into the BBM and as long as they were mapped according to General MIDI standards. If not, you will have to map them to GM.

If you cannot map them in Hydrogen, I think you will need to use a DAW (digital audio workstation).

if you would like us to test a Hydrogen file, please export one to MIDI and post it to this thread and we will test it and provide you some feedback.

Sorry to learn that the Hydrogen forum has not been revived.

I think that the hydrogen MIDI exported file is mapped depending on the hydrogen drumkit selected (I am not Mid expert). I will try to export some examples later. Perhaps some drumkit uses the standard MIDI mapping.

HI there.

I have been playing with the hydrogen software. I have create two (small) songs (4 compasses). First i made it with the default drumkit (GMkit) and i have exported it to midi. I repeated the proccess with another drumkit (Acoustic.kit)

The next step was to load the mid files in the bb manager and edit it with the BBmanager mid editor.

Both files seems to be unusables. The mid note are associated to a channel 60 and bbmanager has no instrument in this channel (I used kick, HH, toms and snare in the hydrogen program).

There is another way to generate mid files? Persist commented thas i could use a DAW. I usually use Ardour5 as DAW software. How can I use the DAW to generate a correct mid files?

Thanks for your help

Ok, i was reading the hydrogen developer bugtrack. It seems to be a bug in the Hydrogen 0.9.7 (last stable one) and midi export.

It is supposed to have been corrected in hydrogen git version. I am going to compile de git version (1.0.0) and try again.


I have donwloaded the last hydrogen git code (1.0.0). I have write a “pattern” with the default hydrogen drumkit (GMkit) and I export the midi. (This midi is attached bellow).

BBManager can upload it. All the mapped midi seems corrects (tempo and instruments) but I cant Play the midi file.

Do you know why this mid file cant be played by bbmanager?

I am able to play the file in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).
[]click on the Main Drum Loop where you want to add the file
]navigate to the Pattern1.mid and double-click it or select Open
[]make sure you have a drum set loaded by choosing a kit from the Default Drum Set: dropdown; choose a slower tempo since your file is so short :slight_smile:
]press the triangle in the song part or tap the Virtual Pedal to start playing

what BBManager version are you using?

My bbmanager version is (with Wine :frowning: )

When I click play the player only run one position and stops

Ok… forget it. It is my fault…

Hydrogen was blocking my internal routing sound… Once I closed Hydrogen all works.

Im sorry for my mistake.