Is there any news about 4.2 fix?

is there news about the 4.2 fix ,
There as a lot of issue, no stereo, crash when using midi CC on Maestro!
Can we expect a fix soon ? I mean a fast soon !

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Yes, these issues have been fixed by the developers but we are working on other fixes for anomalies seen when using the new MIDI clock logic.

We will have a new 4.2.x iteration soon

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In this update, I recorded a song in stereo… it appears normally as if it was playing, until the vu meter reacts to the sound, but it doesn’t send any sound to the line. Is it a bug in this update or is it a known bug?

I’m back to the previous version. No stereo is not an option for me

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This is a known bug in the 4.2.0 beta, stereo files are not playing back correctly. This is already fixed internally

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@BrennanSingularSound if this is fixed in another beta, can’t you just put it out for us to try :hugs:

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no, it is not currently a beta, but once it is releasable it will be released.

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Great news to read that the stereo is fixed. Look forward to the next release when available. Thanks for the heads up.